Question: What is the catalog number on a vinyl record?

A catalog number or also known as “cat number” is an identification number which is assigned by a music label when a music is released. It can be found on vinyl records (33, 45, 78 rpm), cassettes, 8-track tapes, CDs and DVDs.

Where is the catalog number on a vinyl record?

The catalog number is usually the most prominent number printed on the release - often on the spine, on the back cover and on the label, etc.

What is a catalog number?

A catalog number is an identification number assigned to a music release by a record label. Catalog numbers on music releases goes back as early as the early 20th century, around the same time as the 10 shellac records.

How do I find my catalog number?

The catalog number is most often printed on the spine of CDs and on the back of sleeves, often near the barcode if one exists, and can indicate both the format of a release (CD, LP, etc.) and often the label.

How do you date vinyl records?

A closer look at the spine of the record sleeve will also help determine whether you have an original pressing. Original pressings usually have a four-letter and number combination like WXYZ-1234. Other records after the second or third pressing have two letters and five number combinations, such as XY-12345.

What does a Catalogue number look like?

Catalog numbers are mostly composed of mixed letters and numbers sometimes with a “hyphen” symbol included. Cat numbers format varies from record label to record label, as this can be made without any bases from other labels.

What is the difference between catalog and Catalogue?

Catalogue and catalog are both acceptable spellings. Catalog is most popular in American English. Catalogue is the most common form in other parts of the world.

Where do I find my catalog number on Amazon?

If so, the catalog number is on the spine of the album cover. You may be able to find it etched into the LP next to the label and on the label itself.

How do you tell what year a vinyl record was made?

You can check online at and punch in the catalog number to see what date your vinyl was produced. Check the cover of the album for an EAN code, which is a product identification barcode. If there is an EAN on the cover, then the album was produced after 1973.

How do I Catalogue a vinyl collection?

1:125:07How to catalog a record collection using Excel - YouTubeYouTube

What are the two types of Catalogue?

Types of library cataloguesCard catalogue.Book catalogue.COM catalogue.On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)27 Nov 2008

Do Amazon products have catalog numbers?

What is an ASIN number? Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a ten-digit alphanumeric code that identifies products on Amazon. Its unique for each product and is assigned when you create a new product in Amazons catalog.

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