Question: Is the TV show Love at first sight real?

Despite the illusion that its their big day, the couples wedding ceremonies are all for show, as the Australian Marriage Act orders couples to notify the court one month and one day ahead of tying the knot. As for the contestants, theyre real, although not all of them apply for the show.

Do you actually get Married on Married at First Sight?

As well as not actually being legally married, the couples will meet up with each other every week for dinner and at every party, viewers will get to watch the couples decide right then and there whether to stay together or break up.

Is Dr Jessica Griffin still dating Jon?

Not long after Jon and Molly called it quits on their season of Married at First Sight, news broke that Jon and Dr. Jessica were an item. Theyve been a happy couple ever since. And its clear they found their MAFS happy ending even if they had to travel an unusual path to get there.

Why is Dr Jessica not on married at first sight?

As a former matchmaker for Married at First Sight, Dr. Jessica Griffin hasnt updated her followers on Instagram in some time. She made up for that recently – and decided to announce her new gig to boot. Turns out, she is leaving her day job to become a full-time bartender.

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