Question: How to stay active on a Date Night?

What do you do on an overnight date?

100 DATE NIGHT IDEASGo on a picnic.Take a walk.Sing karaoke.Go eat at a restaurant youve never eaten at before.Go to a coffee shop. We love this one! Play board games. Its amazing how much fun they are as an adult! Go see a movie. Flip a coin to decide who picks if you have differing opinions!Go to an arcade.More items

How can a romantic stay at home date?

Stay At Home Date Night Ideas:Have a game night for a date night at home. Pretend the electricity is out for a cute at home date night idea. Play a trivia game for your at home date night. Have a tasting party during your staying in date night. Turn your bedroom into a fancy hotel room. Set up an at home spa date.More items

What activities are in lockdown?

12 activities to engage kids during LockdownHere are a few activities to engage your kids during a lockdown:Practice yoga. Teach them cooking. Learn a new language. Get into arts and crafts. Plan a treasure hunt game. Create a schedule for your kids and follow them diligently. Get their hands deep in experiments.More items

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