Question: What is the difference between junior and Penelope?

As the novel unfolds, we as readers see that the foundation of Junior and Penelopes relationship is the fact that the two of them feel like outcasts: Junior is outwardly an outcast at Reardan because he is the only Indian student there, and Penelope is inwardly an outcast because she has an abusive father in a world

Is Penelope using junior?

Penelope is the first Reardan student to speak to Junior, but generally ignores him until he discovers she is bulimic (a disorder that reminds him of his fathers alcoholism) and she ends up crying on his shoulder, beginning their “friends with potential” relationship.

How does junior describe Reardan?

At Reardan, Junior gains fresh perspective on the things that are bad about life on the reservation—alcoholism, hopelessness, and a lack of tolerance. But, with the help of friends and family, Junior is also able to relate his personal ambitions back to his Indian heritage.

Why did Junior go to Reardan?

He tells his parents that the kids at Reardan are the smartest and most athletic kids anywhere, and thats where he wants to be. He wants to be where he can hope for a better future and better opportunities in life; Junior knows that the only way he can achieve these goals is to venture out of his comfort zone.

Is Junior a good friend?

Rowdy, at least according to Junior, is Juniors best friend. He sees Junior as a traitor and, though Junior invites Rowdy to join him at Reardan, Rowdy reacts to being abandoned by renouncing Juniors friendship. Despite his anger issues, Rowdy has a good (though juvenile) sense of humor.

Why does Mr P apologize to Junior?

Juniors familys reaction to the suspension demonstrates his role at school and in his family. Unlike Rowdy and Mary, Junior follows the rules, and people have higher expectations of him than he knows. Junior feels guilty for his actions, which is why Mr. Ps apology is so surprising.

Why are junior and rowdy best friends?

At the very beginning of the novel, Rowdy is the best and only friend of Junior. Junior is very dependent on Rowdy because he protects him. But then, the state of their friendship suffers because he gets very mad and he beats him three times.

What did Mr P say to Junior?

No matter what. Mr. P tells Junior that he must take his hope and go somewhere else—a place where other people have hope: off the reservation. He has to leave the reservation in order to find hope (fig 5.4).

What does junior do because it is safer?

Kids pants him and stuff his head in toilets. It seems Junior accepts his physical issues and knows how to stay out of harms way. Junior knows the kids on the Rez are not going to change, so to stay safe and free from harm, Junior avoids them.

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