Question: How serious is a colostomy?

How dangerous is a colostomy?

Potential complications of a colostomy Blockage or collapse of the colostomy opening (stoma) Constipation, diarrhea, or obstruction of stools through the colon (bowel obstruction) Damage to other abdominal organs. Development of scar tissue around the intestines, which could cause bowel obstruction.

Do you poop in a colostomy bag?

Unlike your anus, your stoma doesnt have muscles or nerve endings. So you cant control when you move your bowels. Instead, a pouch, called a colostomy bag, goes over the stoma to collect your poop when it comes out.

Is having a colostomy bag considered a disability?

Although these patients must use a colostomy, the SSA does not consider an uncomplicated colostomy to be a disability, because most people with a colostomy can continue their normal activities once they have healed from surgery.

Can you take a shower with a colostomy bag?

It is fine to have a bath or shower with your stoma bag on, if you prefer. Remember that the adhesive is designed to actually stick more tightly when exposed to water, so it may be better to change your bag before you bathe or shower.

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