Question: Can you chat on Match for free?

You can even send likes and messages for free. provides limited chat features to its free members — just to give them a taste of flirtation. Free members cannot initiate a conversation, but they can read and respond to some messages from their mutual matches.

How do you chat on match?

Move your mouse cursor over the picture of the person whom you wish to chat with to open a pop-up box with more information about them, and then click Chat Now to open the chat window. Also, if someone who shows up in a search that you do is available to chat, it will say so in their profile thumbnail.

Can you message on match?

Sending a message on is very easy and intuitive. Once you check out someones profile youll be able to send them a message by using the blue speech bubble.

How can you tell if someone read your message on Match?

If your Message has been opened, youll see “Read” in grey text underneath the Message with a timestamp. If youre accessing Match with a browser, youll only see the Email Read Notification on your most recent sent Message in each thread.

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