Question: What did Fenton make during the Great Depression?

In 1939 the Fenton Glass Company started selling milk glass, which became the top selling item of the company. During the Great Depression the company began producing items such as bowls and silverware due to shortages. Today the company still produces glass products and gives tours of the factory to the public.

Did Fenton make Depression glass?

Depression glass collectors will no doubt recognize some of these companies. Central, Diamond, Fenton, Imperial, Jeanette, Lancaster, US Glass and Vineland all produced colored glassware during the Depression era.

What is the history of Fenton Glass?

History of Fenton Art Glass Fenton Art Glass got its start as a glass decorating company in 1905 painting on plain blanks made by other glassware manufacturers. As demand for the companys designs increased, Fenton began to produce its own glassware lines in 1907 after moving from Ohio to Williamstown, West Virginia.

When was Fenton milk glass made?

The Fenton factory is built in Williamstown, West Virginia. The first piece made on January 2, 1907, is a crystal cream pitcher with a Water Lily and Cattails pattern. Jacob Rosenthal is the factory manager and glass chemist.

Did Fenton make pottery?

There is no record of a manufacturer by the name Fenton Pottery Co. They were recorded as Pottery Factor and so were almost certainly not manufacturers themselves but had ware made by others under their name.

What happened Fenton Glass?

The Fenton Art Glass Company has announced it will be shutting down production of hand-blown glass products within the next few months. Fenton Glass, which is located in Williamsburg, W.Va., has been experiencing financial woes since 2007 when they first considered shutting down.

Does Fenton make carnival glass?

Fenton maintained their position as the largest manufacturer and were one of very few makers to use a red coloured glass base for their carnival glass. After interest waned in the late 1920s, Fenton stopped producing carnival glass for many years.

What does the Fenton mark look like?

Fenton uses snap rings, so most of their pieces will not have a pontil mark. Pontil marks might look like a chip in the glass, a bumpy lump, or a dimple in the bottom of the glass. Fenton has created some offhand glass pieces which do have a pontil mark.

Why did Fenton glass go out of business?

Due to ongoing financial problems, they had to lay off many of their employees, and at last they were forced to announce the closure of Fenton Art Glasss traditional glass products.

Did Fenton make uranium glass?

database. Fenton Art Glass was well-known for its glass-working techniques and the many colors it produced, some of which used uranium 238, which is radioactive. Uranium was first used to color glass in the 1830s and it has continued to be used for this purpose with the exception of a 15-year period beginning in 1943.

What is ruby flash glass?

Ruby Flash glass is basically decorated pattern glass. It was popular from the 1890s to the late 1920s here in the U.S. The glass was coated with a chemical solution containing copper sulfide and baked in a kiln, turning the coating bright red. Ruby Flash glass makes a beautiful and affordable collectible.

Is there black depression glass?

Common colors are clear (crystal), pink, pale blue, green, and amber. Less common colors include yellow (canary), ultramarine, jadeite (opaque pale green), delphite (opaque pale blue), cobalt blue, red (ruby and royal ruby), black, amethyst, monax, and white (milk glass). Some depression glass is uranium glass.

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