Question: Is Kermit still with Denise?

As the episode progressed, our felted friends realized that all their show really needed — and this applies to both Up Late and The Muppets — was more of that classic Muppet zaniness, which they delivered in spades. But Im really here to discuss the biggest, most important development: Kermit and Denise are no more.

Did Kermit and Denise split?

Kermit and Piggy starred together as coworkers and friends in the short-lived ABC show The Muppets. Kermit made headlines for dating a new pig named Denise, but the pair broke up at the end of the first season.

Are Kermit and Miss Piggy Together 2020?

And while its been some time since their split, Kermit revealed that he isnt dating right now. After getting clarity on the meaning of reconciliation, Miss Piggy made it clear that Kermit would need to make the first move. I know one person who could do that.

Who is Miss Piggy dating?

Although their relationship is platonic when he appears in The Muppet Show episode 401, Miss Piggy and John Denver have engaged in some intimacy over their following appearances together.

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