Question: Do Ball canning jars come from China?

The lids are NOT genuine Ball lids; theyre made in China, and many of them have small dents.

Are Ball Mason jars made in China?

Our jars and lids are still made in the USA, and if you look across the competitive set … they are sourcing their jars from China. (Ball jars are predominantly made in Indiana, with some production also occurring at plant in Salem, N.J).

Where are Ball canning jars manufactured?

Newell Brands, the company who produces Ball major jars, has made the decision to close manufacturing operations in Muncie beginning next summer. Parts manufactured during the assembly of their iconic mason jars will be outsourced to a facility in Columbus, Ohio.

Are Ball canning jars made in the USA?

Ball, Bernardin and Kerr are all owned by Jarden Home Brands and are all manufactured in the USA.

Are canning lids from China good?

As long as the lids arent rusty, theyre fine to use again and again for any purpose that doesnt involve canning. The Jarden (Newell) Company, manufacturer of Ball products, says that their lids, unused, have a storage life of five years beyond purchase; therefore, if stored lids are in that range, they can be used.

Why cant I find canning lids anywhere?

The shortage in supply of home canning lids, also known as 2-piece canning lids, flats, or lids & bands or rings that began in 2020 is not over. Unfortunately, this shortage created a vacuum for some fraud in the production and sale of canning lids.

Why cant I find Mason jars?

The demand has resulted in supply constraints, extended lead times and recently limited product availability at stores and online, a company spokesperson said in a statement, according to CNN.

Are mason jars and Ball jars made by the same company?

The Ball brothers renamed their business the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company, incorporated in 1886. As part of the spin-off, Jarden is licensed to use the Ball registered trademark on its line of home-canning products. Today, the Ball brand mason jars and home canning supplies belongs to Newell Brands.

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