Question: Can you unlike someone on Coffee Meets Bagel?

To unmatch with a bagel, go to the Bagels profile you would like to unmatch. Scroll down, tap the Flag icon. Select Report this Bagel.

Can you undo a like on CMB?

Feelings change – and sometimes you just tap the wrong thing – but unfortunately you cant undo a like or dislike.

How do you know if you liked someone on Coffee Meets bagel?

(Note: To know whether someone has liked you first, pay attention to the banner at the bottom of a bagels profile picture that will say, “He/She likes you.” If you dont hear anything after 2 weeks, you can assume the bagel has decided to pass on you.)

What happens when you like someone on Coffee Meets bagel?

When you like a bagel, it means youre interested in that CMB Dater. To like a bagel, simply tap the heart icon when viewing their profile. Sending a like in Suggested is totally free. Sending a like in Likes You is free for profiles that arent hidden.

Can you Unsend messages on Coffee Meets Bagel?

To delete a chat with a bagel, go to the Chats tab and choose which chat you would like to delete. Then, hold down on the chat and swipe left to delete it.

Can men extend chat on Coffee Meets Bagel?

Need more time with a bagel? All chats close after 7 days but you can always reopen them for 99 beans (reduced from 199 beans!) for 30 more days. After the beans are deducted from your account, you can continue chatting.

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