Question: Why is it good to take it slow when dating?

Taking it slow gives you a chance to get to know one another and see if you have similar interests and enjoy spending time together, says Elisa Gizzo, an associate marriage and family therapist at Andrea Cornell Marriage and Family Therapy in New York City. Having fun is key.

Why You Should Take dating slow?

The Other Benefits of Taking It Slowly in a New Relationship: Youre able to first establish a friendship alongside the relationship. By not diving headfirst into a relationship can turn it into something deeper. You form a better, stronger connection – thats not just one dimensional.

Why does my girlfriend want to take it slow?

The answer is that in many cases, taking it slow is a positive sign that someone sees the potential for a long term relationship with you. After all, it takes effort to maintain any relationship. If they werent in the least bit interested, theyd probably make that pretty clear one way or another.

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