Question: Why is the Singer Featherweight so popular?

The Featherweight uses the same low-shank feet and accessories as full-size Singer sewing machines. A beautiful straight stitch is one of the Featherweights strongest selling points. Due to the mechanical simplicity and high-quality construction and materials, Featherweights are easy to maintain at home.

What size bobbin does a Singer Featherweight use?

A 10-pack of metal sewing machine bobbins 45785. Fits Alphasew model 221.

What is a singer 99 13?

The 99s are a 3/4 sized machine, basically a mini-version of the 66, and this model was one of the first sewing machines advertised to be totally portable. Although at about 25 lbs in the case, its not quite as portable as a modern lightweight machine or even a featherweight.

How do you put the bobbin in a Singer Featherweight?

1:293:19How To Correctly Use a Featherweight Bobbin Case (GettingYouTube

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