Question: What does it mean to be ghosted by someone?

What does it mean if you are ghosted by someone?

Ghosting is when someone who used to be friendly or even romantic with you suddenly cuts off all communication without explanation. While most people think of ghosting in a digital context, meaning a friend or dating partner stops responding to texts, emails, calls, etc., it can happen across all social circumstances.

How do you deal with someone ghosting you?

Dont play the blame and shame game. Hold your head up high, hold onto your dignity, and let them go. Someone better could be out there looking for you. Give yourself the self care and build your resilience during this painful time.

Why is ghosting weak?

Because ghosting is a form of social rejection. When were being rejected or ghosted the low feeling it creates is meant to be a signal that our social standing is low. The problem is that it may not be about them at all – but rather about you. Apart from that, there is a psychological impact as well.

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