Question: Can PTSD feel love?

PTSD from any cause, such as war or a natural disaster, can greatly affect a persons relationships. However, PTSD is often caused by relationship-based trauma, which could make it more difficult to feel comfortable in other relationships.

What PTSD looks like in a relationship?

PTSD may add extra challenges to relationships in different ways, including: experiencing a loss of emotional regulation. losing interest in family activities. having no interest in sexual activity.

Can PTSD make you clingy?

Some trauma survivors seem unusually flat or numb. They may become needy or clingy. Or they may withdraw, refusing help entirely. Although symptoms may differ, responses to trauma have a similar underlying cause: a nervous system stuck in threat.

What PTSD really feels like?

People with PTSD have intense, disturbing thoughts and feelings related to their experience that last long after the traumatic event has ended. They may relive the event through flashbacks or nightmares; they may feel sadness, fear or anger; and they may feel detached or estranged from other people.

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