Question: What does Mini-Me stand for?

/ (ˈmɪnɪˌmiː) / noun informal. a person who resembles a smaller or younger version of another person.

What does mini stand for?

MINIAcronymDefinitionMINIMini-International Neuropsychiatric InterviewMINIMonitor Environment InitializationMINIMental Illness Needs IndexMINIMorang Innovative Neonatal Intervention (Nepal)2 more rows

Is a Mini Cooper a BMW?

While many people think that MINI is a British company, you may be surprised who owns MINI Cooper. The brand is actually owned by German automaker, BMW. So, is MINI Cooper a BMW? No, MINI is its own separate brand.

Is the Mini Cooper reliable?

Overall, the Mini Cooper is an average car when it comes to reliability. The manufacturer neither claims the car to be highly dependable nor are they incredibly unreliable. But when the repair and maintenance costs were compared, Mini Cooper was way more expensive than the other cars of the same technology.

What Muggle means?

In J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter series, a Muggle (/ˈmʌɡəl/) is a person who lacks any sort of magical ability and was not born in a magical family. Muggles can also be described as people who do not have any magical blood inside them.

What year Mini Cooper should be avoided?

Consumer Reports surveys indicate many of the various Mini Cooper models displayed issues across a broader timeline. Some of the lowest predicted reliability scores suggest 2006 through 2012 are the worst years for the Mini Cooper. And to be safe, there were problematic models in the earlier 2000s, as well.

Why is Mini so expensive?

Higher costs for services such as oil changes are thanks to Minis luxury owner, BMW. Another factor that makes the Mini Cooper more expensive overall is its need for premium gasoline, AxleAddict explains. When a Cooper needs repairs needed, they tend to cost more, too.

What is the best year of Mini Cooper to buy?

The 2011 and 2012 Mini Cooper and Cooper S likely had some early teething issues. But the 2013 models mostly avoid these problems and the previously-mentioned recalls. So, for used second-gen Mini Coopers, the 2013 MY is the best choice for reliability.

How do you use the word Mini in a sentence?

Miniature sentence exampleYeah, I think its more like a miniature rodeo. Dean explained that the miniature remains belonged to a very bad man. Both maps abound in miniature pictures of towns, animals, fabulous beings and other subjects. In her hands was a huge bouquet of miniature sunflowers.More items

What is the opposite hate?

opposite of hate is love.

What is the opposite word of child?

Antonym of ChildWordAntonymChildGrownup, Parent, Adult, Grown upGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

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