Question: Is Tinder useful in Nepal?

Tinder. This internationally popular dating app is a good option if you want to meet Nepali women in the 20-35(ish) age range, and youre in a populated area like Kathmandu. Swiping and messaging on Tinder is free, unless you want to “like” more than 100 profiles in 12 hours.

Which app is best for Nepali?

Hamro Patro is available to download on both iOS and Android.App Rating – 4.3/5. Tootle. App Rating – 3.7/5. Foodmandu. App Rating – 3.4/5. Daraz. App Rating – 4.5/5. Hamro Nepali Keyboard. App Rating – 4.3/5. NetTV Nepal. App Rating – 3.9/5. Merojob. App Rating – 3.6/5. Ludo Neo-Classic. App Rating – 4.1/5. Nepali Dictionary.More items •Apr 3, 2020

Is WhatsApp used in Nepal?

Nepal Telecom (NTC) also has its own OTT app called NTPro that lets you call for free in the OTT to OTT. As the availability is only for NTC GSM postpaid users and they have frequent problems, this basic app alone cannot tackle the internationally acclaimed apps like Viber, Whatsapp.

Which app is most used?

List of most popular smartphone appsRankNameOwner1FacebookFacebook, Inc.2Facebook MessengerFacebook, Inc.3WhatsAppFacebook, Inc.4InstagramFacebook, Inc.6 more rows

What is the Bengali meaning of tinder?

dry, flammable material, such as wood or paper, used for lighting a fire. translation of tinder স্ফুলিঙ্গ হইতে আগুন জ্বালাইবার জন্য শুষ্ক, দাহ্য পদার্থ শুষ্ক খড়কুটা

How do you call someone from Nepal?

People who live in Nepal, we call them Nepali, Mr Mahat said at a press conference in Sydney this week. Let us start saying Nepali in English as well, instead of saying Nepalese.

Which messaging app is used in Nepal?

Over the years, Viber has developed to become one of the most preferred messaging platforms in Nepal.

Which is the No 1 app?

List of most popular smartphone appsRankNameOwner1MinecraftGoogle2FacebookFacebook, Inc.3WhatsAppFacebook, Inc.4Google MapsGoogle6 more rows

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