Question: Can Cancer and Capricorn relationship last?

Cancer & Capricorns Emotional Compatibility Capricorn doesnt know how to express their emotions well, and may rely on Cancer to take the lead on that. “When they realize the other is trustworthy and legit (as they both are), they can form an epically strong attachment that lasts a lifetime,” Semos says.

Are Capricorn and Cancer a good match?

Once they feel like theyve found “The One” in each other, they will do whatever it takes to make things They share a lot of the same basic values, theyre both loyal, and they balance each other out really well. Cancer and Capricorn are a highly compatible zodiac match, and theyll make one great couple.

Do cancers like Capricorns?

Cancer, the sign which rules home and family, was practically made for marriage or long-term partnership. Capricorn will also be drawn to Cancers soft and caring nature. Everyone wants a comfortable place to go home to after a hard day of work, and Cancer will be more than happy to provide that for Capricorn.

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